NEXTEUM – challenge perfection with innovation

Who We Are

Innovation, Experience and Competence

A unique expertise in the design and development of online services, in product support and technical modernization allows us to create high-quality high-load projects of the full service standard. Our products and services in the eCommerce segment combine innovative IT solutions, business process analysis, market monitoring, consulting and new business opportunities.

Why us

We upscale the business, focus on the product and offer innovative approaches. We not only meet the highest expectations of our customers, but also exceed them.


Smart Data Processing


Complex 3D
Catalog Structure


Ultimate Data Security


B2B Solution

What we do

We use our passion, knowledge, and years of experience to successfully develop complex e‑commerce projects. We support businesses in such areas as:

Team Tech Stack

United by the mission of creating high-quality projects in order to achieve the business goals of the customer and provide convenient services to consumers all over the world.